Thursday, July 19, 2007

Those darn poor people and their smoking

Bill Hobbs points to a post about smoking and the poor by a self described liberal Democrat. She says the poor have no business smoking so its ok to raise their cigarette taxes to fund their children's health insurance.

This is just about perfectly describes what is terribly wrong with "liberal" politics.

Why don't we assume that anyone, be they rich or poor, has the self-respect and dignity and compassion to want the best for their children. The author of the post said she was poor once and gave up smoking because she couldn't afford it. She made the decent decision that we would expect of anyone. Why should we make public policy that assumes "poor" means low class slob who won't take care of their children and rich means greedy, uncaring, and self-centered.

In her exquisitely condescending analysis she assumes she is better than her fellow citizens who are poor and that she must demonstrate her intellectual and moral superiority by using government to force other citizens to help these inept poor people:

I'm not just saying that either. One of the reasons I quit 12 years ago is because it was pinching my family budget. With two little girls to take care of on my own, I felt it was only fair to them. They deserved the extra money, and they deserved to have mommy around to take care of them.

And don't the children of other poor people deserve to have their parents respected??

So many issues like "homelessness" and "affordable housing" and hunger etc etc ad infinitum are just vehicles for some people to parade their presumed intellectual and moral superiority. They are quite willing to assume a whole group of people are incapable of making decisions about their own welfare.