Saturday, July 21, 2007

TN not Giving away taxpayer money fast enough

Ok, Tennessee politicians, listen UP!! We have a Nashville Company opening up a 500 job call center in Kentucky! because of taxpayer funded incentives.


Come ON!! What is going on here Tennessee politicians? Are you going to let the Kentucky politicians give away their taxpayer's money faster than YOU can give away Tennessee taxpayer's money. Here is what the article says:

"(Kentucky) lawmakers passed legislation earlier this year that would allow Sitel (A Nashville, TN Company) to receive tax incentives if it located near a regional university and hired students."

Sarcasm mode off:

The only way politicians "create" jobs is to bribe companies, with taxpayer money, into making decisions they would not otherwise make. The politicians then tell us, in all their exquisite arrogance, that they "created" jobs. When in fact the only thing they created was 1- a photo-op for themselves and 2- an excuse for some other politician to "create" jobs by giving away even more money. The BIG loser is ALWAYS the TAXPAYERS!!