Sunday, July 29, 2007

TN Waltz is a minor offense compared to this

Pedro Gracia can't fire bad teachers so he is proposing to allow principals to shift them to another school...IF the principal agrees to accept bad teachers from other schools. WHAT??? How did we reach this level of government absurdity? How did we fail the parents and taxpayers to this extent? Answer: The political power of teacher's unions. And OUR elected representatives have watched calmly as this awful system has been put in place because they value the political power of the teacher's union more than they value the quality of education. This makes Tennessee Waltz look like a minor offense.


Garcia says the maneuver is legal, and the district is making strides toward giving some teachers — who enjoy special protection under state tenure laws — a fresh start, reassigning them where they may be more successful.

"That's life," he said. "… I think sometimes a person has been in a place too long. Maybe you need a change in scenery."

No other Nashville-area districts employ a similar policy, and national education experts say the strategy is unconventional, to say the least.