Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We are NOT doing ENOUGH about POVERTY!!

Why?, OH WHY!!!!

Because the solution was never in our hands to start with. Yes, it looks and sounds good to tap your quivering lips with the tips of your fingers and force a few tear drops from your red eyes and say, "Why don't more people, like ME, CARE about poverty?"

This is simply a narcissistic exercise that allows the ME to parade their presumed moral superiority. Simply expressing concern may make you feel better about yourself but it does nothing to help those living in poverty.

Donald Sensing points out that world wide poverty is plummeting.
And it has nothing to do with collective awareness raising. It has to do with free markets.

The people of the world do NOT need our pity or faux concern. They need a chance to prove they are as good or better than we are at producing goods and services in a free and open marketplace.