Friday, August 31, 2007

$48 billion...will it be well spent??? NO

Reps Wamp and Gordon and Sen Alexander are just pleased as punch that they can take part of the credit for spending $48 billion of OUR money....supposedly for:

"The bill authorizes up to $48 billion for federal programs that would expand science and math education and support the research infrastructure in the United States, including the work at ORNL."

Will Reps Wamp and Gordon and Sen Alexander expend the time and effort to follow-up and see if this money is well spent? Will a significant part of this money be used to hold the bureaucracy accountable for how this money is spent? Will we the taxpayers ever receive any kind of meaningful and comprehensive audit? Will we EVER know if this money accomplishes anything?

No, NO, NO, and NO. The only good bet is that a significant portion will be wasted or find its way into programs that have nothing to do with teaching math and science.