Friday, August 24, 2007

COC says Metro taxpayers be damned

The Metro Nashville Chamber of Commerce has morphed into just one more special interest group standing at the Courthouse door with their hand out for taxpayer money. The Chamber of Commerce has supported most of the recent tax increases and is quite happy to accept some of this new taxpayer money as "subsidies" and "incentives." The article linked below indicates they support the corporate welfare sought by the new Preds owners.

I can translate the highlighted quote below: "there is no way in heck that the Preds can survive, like any normal private business, without huge taxpayer subsidies. We hope they can find other revenue but it ain't looking good."


The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce unanimously passed a resolution endorsing the need for changes to the lease between the team and the city, stating that "the local ownership group is committed to identifying additional sources of revenue for the arena that will enhance the management and utilization of the arena so that Nashville's tax base can be better supported and grown."