Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fat Lady not singing-Phil Williams-NewChannel5

Phil Williams says that, although Al Ganier's plea agreement marks the end of a five year criminal investigation, there are MANY, MANY questions left unanwered. A very good read for those who have followed this case. Kudos to Phil and NewsChannel5 being the catalyst for this case and then following it to the "conclusion".....for now.


But here's my question: after I first revealed the bogus contract, why didn't Sundquist order his staff to investigate and fix the problem?

I also raised questions about whether the company was filing bogus invoices with the state, which auditors later confirmed

Did Sundquist ever ask his friend to repay taxpayers?

Instead, he defended Stamps as "a good person" and attacked my reporting about the Workforce Strategists contract as "tabloid journalism."


And where was Sundquist on ENA's contract?

"There is, in fact, some evidence that Sundquist interceded in some way on behalf of ENA with respect to at least one contract," wrote U.S. District Judge Karl Forester in one opinion as the Ganier case dragged through the court system.

As to the nature of that evidence, that remains sealed in the court files.