Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Govt can easily devolve into institutionalized corruption

and that is why collectivist fantasies like socialism and communism invariably end up being nothing more than brutal thugs with power and the only way you receive favors is to be one of the thugs or pay a bribe. This post to a Washington Post blog points in the same direction.


Spend more than a few minutes talking with contracting officials and industry experts and you'll likely hear a growing concern: That fewer and fewer companies will openly complain when they feel aggrieved about an award, even when they have clear evidence the lesser competitor got the work. If the folks I have talked to are right, they losers remain silent so as not to alienate program managers and contracting officials who will be the key players on future work.

In other words, government contracting has become a cozy insider affair, according to these folks. It's not what you know and do so much as it is who you know in the government and how good your relationships are, they say. I know, I know: It sounds like conspiracy theory and it might just be. But I've heard the complaint from enough different, smart people that I have to wonder.