Monday, August 27, 2007

"it's really kind of inconsequential"....WHAT!!!

A sense of entitlement, an attitude of arrogance, elitism....just a few of the adjectives that come to mind.

State Paid For Spouses' Activities At Regents Meetings

When the regents met at Austin Peay last year,the spouses of board members were taken to tour an art museum, to Clarksville's downtown shopping district and to sample liquid nitrogen ice cream at the school's Sundquist Science Complex.

The state paid $1,490 for flowers, $5,668 for other decorations and $2,385 for spouses' activities for the four board meetings, the AP review found.That's in addition to $54,997 spent on food, $12,117 on buses and other transportation and $8,969 for welcome packets.

The schools hosting the quarterly meetings augmented their spending with money collected from private or foundation sources, including another $31,131 for food and $4,967 worth of alcohol.J. Stanley Rogers, a board member and former Democratic House Majority Leader, defended the practice of visiting campuses and said that the expenditures are not as exorbitant as they may seem.

"When you're running a business as large as this is, with 45 institutions and a multibillion dollar budget, it's really kind of inconsequential in the whole scheme of things," he said.