Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sat dose of TN Waltz-Turner and Ford

Former Rep Brenda Turner Introduced FBI to Charles Love

Retired FBI Agent Joe Carroll, who played the undercover role of E-Cycle's president during the investigation, testified in April that Ms. Turner introduced investigators to Mr. Love, who boasted that he had "been involved in payoffs to various politicians" in East Tennessee.

"As a result of meeting (Ms. Turner), we met Mr. Love," Mr. Carroll testified. "And we subsequently hired Mr. Love, if you will, E-Cycle did, as our representative for East Tennessee."

Mr. Carroll testified that Ms. Turner, who lost a bid for re-election in 2004 to Joanne Favors, a Chattanooga Democrat, initially was a target of the investigation, but she never was charged.

John Ford to be sentenced Monday

It could take all day because attorneys plan to call plenty of witnesses.

Thousands of hours of secret FBI recordings showing money being handed to John Ford are part of the reason a jury convicted the former state senator of bribery in his Tennessee Waltz case. Prosecutors claim he took more than 50- thousand dollars in bribes.

On Monday, Ford's attorney plans to call more than a dozen witnesses who will testify in Ford's sentencing hearing.

"We are going to present everything to the judge to show him John's entire life show him the great things he's done in the 30 years he's been in the legislature and the great things he's done for the community of Memphis," adds Ford's attorney Mike Scholl.