Sunday, August 26, 2007

Study: Cell Phones do NOT cause crashes

Perhaps the cell phone is just a good excuse for us to vent about our fellow drivers?


Since 1993, the average amount of time a cell phone subscriber spends on calls rose from 140 minutes to 740 minutes per month, according to the data compiled by the pair, Saurabh Bhargava and Vikram Pathania. They also noted that 40 percent of Americans use their phones while driving.

But they reported that from the number of fatal accidents has fallen or stayed flat in all states from 1987 to 2005. And during that period, the number of non-fatal crashes in seven states that the pair studied also was steady or down.

The implications of those numbers run head-on into what many people intuit about cell phones causing crashes. (A 2003 Gallup Poll found that 70 percent of Americans said cell-phone drivers cause accidents).