Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pols will continue to target young people

Good article today in WSJ about all those "wonderful" national service plans that never target people my age because we vote and wouldn't stand for such silliness.

The young are no threat to the pols because they don't vote. I will soon have you young people providing me a retirement income, prescription drugs, and full medical care......if these self righteous pols have their way I may also have an army of young servants to drive me to Wal-Mart to pick up my free generic drugs.


Indeed, the moral case for conscripting the elderly for civilian service is arguably stronger than that for drafting the young. Many elderly people are healthy enough to perform nonstrenuous forms of "national service." Unlike the young, the elderly usually won't have to postpone careers, marriage and educational opportunities to fulfill their forced-labor obligations. Moreover, the elderly, to a far greater extent than the young, are beneficiaries of massive government redistributive programs, such as Social Security and Medicare--programs that transfer enormous amounts of wealth from other age groups to themselves. Nonelderly poor people who receive welfare benefits are required to work (or at least be looking for work) under the 1996 welfare reform law; it stands to reason that the elderly (most of whom are far from poor) can be required to work for the vastly larger government benefits that they receive.