Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Predators may not seek more taxpayer money

According to the Predators 45% of their season tickets are sold OUTSIDE Davidson County. I haven't got any solid figures on overall ticket sales but they are probably AT LEAST 45-50% sold outside Davidson County also. My guess is the Predator's potential new owners probably thought that asking Davidson County Taxpayers to subsidize so many out of county sports fans would be a hard sell.

Pith in the Wind has the scoop.

David Freeman, head of the local investors group, told the Sports Authority that he and his partners realize that the Preds organization and its fan base—not Metro—should be responsible for the success of the team. Freeman wouldn't wade into specifics about exactly how the investors group expects to accomplish a plan that, as he put it, would "eliminate risk for the city."

(Ben's comment: what a "novel" concept: private business depending on satisfying the customer rather than extorting money from the taxpayer!!)