Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Put Parents in Charge

Sweden puts ALL the power in the hands of parents. Parents WANT the power and they are the ONLY group that should have the power. Politicians and education bureaucrats should SERVE the parents, not dictate to them.

To Fix Britiain's Broken Schools:

Should we accept this? Absolutely not. Take Sweden. There, standards have been raised by allowing innovative organisations to set up new schools in the state sector, championing excellence and giving parents more control and choice. Compare this to Labour's methods: obsessive micro-management and rigid attachment to old-fashioned ideas has entrenched deprivation, shut doors and closed minds.


I know what parents want for their children because it is what I want for mine: schools with a disciplined learning environment, focus on getting the basics right, tailored teaching according to each child's ability, and emphasis on rigorous standards. I wouldn't, and we shouldn't, expect anything less.