Monday, September 03, 2007

Taxpayer funded behavior modification

1-There are LOTS of taxpayer funded ads all over the media this weekend very sternly warning people not to drive and drink. "If you drink and drive you WILL go to jail."

2-The Governor's Office of Highway Safety says to click it or ticket. (why is it the "Governors" office when the taxpayers pay for it?) "If you don't wear your seat belt you WILL get a ticket."

Drinking while you drive is behavior that is clearly dangerous to everyone.

Not wearing a seatbelt clearly increases your risk of injury in an accident.

.....there are many other types of taxpayer funded behavior modification: We motivate parents NOT to provide breakfast and lunch for their children by encouraging parents to take advantage of "free" taxpayer funded school breakfasts and lunches. We motivate parents not to provide health insurance for their children by providing "free" taxpayer funded health insurance.

We use fear of jail to encourage parents not to drink while they are driving their children. We use fear of a fine to encourage parents to buckle up themselves and their children....and yet we encourage parents to shirk their duty to THEIR OWN children.