Sunday, September 23, 2007

Teaching NC County Officials to sell a tax increase


The county cannot spend taxpayer money on any advertising designed to influence a vote, but can use advertising only to educate residents.


Campbell said that partnering is especially important to the success of the project. The school system can use public funds and employees to educate, as well as seek private funding to advocate for the tax, he said.


The association also recommended that the commissioners and community leaders not get sidetracked by debating the issue.

"If someone gives false information, then correct them and give them factual information," Woods said. "Go out there and sell what you want to use the money for."

Woods said the county will run advertisements - probably in local newspapers - but an advertising schedule and marketing budget haven't been formulated.

"If we communicate the need, and the citizens know the need, we have to be very precise and communicate to the citizens that we need their help to accomplish this," he said.