Friday, September 21, 2007

TN Dept of Revenue to begin Smoker Surveillance

Michael Silence has the scoop. "Revenue Agents" will assume that anyone who is a smoker and crosses the State line is a potential criminal. We need more details on this.....are the Dept of Revenue agents actually crossing State lines? Will they use long range telescopes? How will they monitor out of State purchases? If they haven't already my guess is that we will soon have a hotline to report offending smokers. 

Another thought, this may be the start of a new push to enforce the USE tax on items purchased outside TN  A roadblock on I-65 at the Kentucky line would teach the citizens a thing or two. Commissioner Farr could get some of those big mirrored sunglasses and a sheriff's hat and slowly walk up to the cars and say things like, "Howdy Mame, I am afraid I smell me some out of State smoke."


"If Revenue agents believe that an individual is transporting more than two cartons of cigarettes into Tennessee, the vehicle carrying the cigarettes will be stopped and searched," Commissioner Farr said. "If more than two cartons are found, the cigarettes will be seized and agents have the discretion to make arrests and seize the vehicle."