Saturday, September 29, 2007

UAW is about Job LOSS, not security

Having devastated the private companies they prey on, the last best hope for union bosses is government. Governments are a perfect vehicle for monopoly power so cherished by unions. If allowed, they will run our governments into the ground for their own "benefit" just as surely as they have devastated the domestic auto producers.


The problem with unions is not all that dissimilar to that posed by entrenched management: Once they win comfortable contracts, they often become impediments to the kind of innovation and flexibility essential to success in today's economy. So in the name of "job security," they undermine a company's — or a nation's — competitiveness. The result, over time, is less job security for everyone, especially the union workforce. There's no better example of this than GM, where the UAW now represents about 74,000 hourly workers, compared to 246,000 in 1994. Some security.