Tuesday, October 30, 2007

City dwellers get huge harvest of taxpayer farm subsidies

Farm "subsidies" are a very bad joke on taxpayers. This is about as clear an example of theft by taxation as you can find. This is a scandal, corruption, criminal...take your pick, they all apply.


The urban payments total millions of dollars out of the nearly $1 billion sent to Minnesota farmers in 2005, according to federal records sent to the Star Tribune under a Freedom of Information Act request.

Among those taking farm bill checks: Cargill family member Whitney Macmillan Jr. and money manager Noel Rahn, a wealthy businessman who helped bring the NHL back to Minnesota.

The flow of federal largesse comes thanks to rules that allow landowners -- including some 2,000 in the metro area -- to collect subsidies without farming the land themselves, a legal and increasingly common practice as farm ownership has consolidated over the past few decades.