Thursday, October 18, 2007

Clueless Hamilton County Commissioners

"Here is some taxpayer money...and by the way...could you PLEASE tell me why you need this taxpayer money?...oh you can't give me a reason? No problem, just take it anyway."

un^%$#believable...these County Commissioners in Hamilton County (Chattanooga) know absolutely NOTHING about these corporate welfare projects. All they know is they want to give away the taxpayers money as quickly as possible:


Dr. Casavant asked the four companies' attorney, Alfred Smith, what types of tax break programs other counties offer.

"It varies," (thats it? it varies) Mr. Smith said, noting that several rural counties offer more sweeping and longer-term breaks.

Mr. Skillern and several other commissioners questioned Mr. Smith, as well as representatives from the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce, in their Oct. 9 agenda meeting.

Commissioner Warren Mackey said several constituents asked about the impact of a facility FedEx Ground plans to put in his district. He said he had gotten no information about the project at the time.

Dr. Mackey said Wednesday that he supports the projects but would like more information. (YA THINK!!!!!!)