Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Denying the obvious: Music City Star

Admitting failure is simply NOT something that occurs in Government. It is quite obvious that the Music City Star is a failure when measured by any rational person based on 1-resources allocated vs benefits received or 2-ridership or 3-economic benefits or 4-pollution reduction etc etc etc. There is simply no reasonable measure you can use to judge this project successful. Only those who have a blind, ends justify the means, devotion to mass transit will say we should keep this boondoggle going after millions of taxpayer dollars have been poured into this financial black hole.

Will politicians ever admit it is a failure? No.


A year after the launch of the city's first commuter rail, the ridership goal that was considered a measure of success for the train's first year hasn't been met.

The Regional Transportation Authority predicted a first-year average of 1,500 daily riders on the Music City Star, but fewer than half the projected number are boarding the train each day. The train saw an average near 640 daily riders at its peak this summer.