Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Great Victory for Open Government!!

in Knoxville.

Kudos to the Knoxville News Sentinel!!!!

They helped to preserve open government for ALL Tenneseans


Jurors determined that commissioners decided in secret who would win all 12 of the term-limited seats left vacant after a Jan. 12 state Supreme Court ruling.

In the run-up to the meeting at which those appointments were officially made the jury concluded that two appointees, Charles Bolus and Lee Tramel, won their seats not at the public portion of the Jan. 31 meeting but instead in the hallway during recesses.

Finally, the jury officially discredited testimony from Bolus. Bolus had testified that there was no plan for him to be sworn in early but instead he opted to do so on his own. Jurors ruled that at least two commissioners plotted to put Bolus in his commission seat early. Bolus would later prove a key tie-breaker in a hotly contested appointment

The Knox County Law Department had sought to convince jurors that even if violations of the law were made the Jan. 31 meeting fixed the problem.

Jurors rejected that argument.