Monday, October 08, 2007

Preds already have the best deal?


I've said it before, but it's widely known that the Predators already had the league's best arena lease deal before any of these concessions were made — concessions that the Freeman group brought to the table after signing an agreement with Craig Leipold.


I emailed James Mirtle, the sports writer who made the claim in his blog, asking for more info. Here is his reply:

It's fact - not a claim.

Forbes, 2006:

"The Nashville Predators are one of the most subsidized teams in hockey. The city of Nashville covers any operating deficits at Gaylord Entertainment Center while the Predators, who operate the arena, keep most of the revenue (the city also paid for $25 million of the team's $80 million expansion fee). Also, the NHL gave the team about $10 million from the league's revenue-sharing pool last season."

They are one of the only pro sports teams in North America with an arrangement that forgiving.