Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Republican Hypocrisy on Parade-Rep. Jerry Lewis

California Republican Congressman Jerry Lewis is the most powerful Republican on the House appropriations committee and is ranked by many as one of the worst pork barrel spenders in the House. In fact, many blame him for much of the run-away spending of recent years. On April 13, 2006, the Wall Street Journal wrote:
If Republicans lose control of Congress in November, they might want to look back at last Thursday as the day it was lost. That's when the big spenders among House Republicans blew up a deal between the leadership and rank-in-file to impose some modest spending discipline.

Unlike the collapse of the immigration bill, this fiasco can't be blamed on Senate Democrats. This one is all about Republicans and their refusal to give up their power to spend money at will and pass out "earmarks" like a bartender offering drinks on the house. The chief culprits are the House Appropriators, led by Committee Chairman Jerry Lewis of California and his 13 subcommittee chairmen known as "cardinals." If Republicans lose the House--and they are well on their way--Mr. Lewis deserves the moniker of the minority maker.
So has Jerry Lewis made amends for his pork barrel spending and the resultant damage it has done to the Republican Party? NO, in fact, he had the audacity to write a Sept 19 editorial for The Hill in which he said:
We made significant efforts toward reforming our appropriations process in the past few years. Like many, I am concerned that for too long Congress has believed that every federal problem is best solved by throwing money at it. Today, America has a multi-trillion dollar debt. While our country has the strongest economy in the world, deficit spending will undermine our economy and destroy our future.

Our national debt will not just go away. Balanced budgets over a number of years will help a lot. But that will happen only if the Congress reduces the rate of growth of all spending. We must commit ourselves to reduced spending across the board to save our economy.
UNBELIEVABLE!!! He acts as if he is clueless. And the Republican Party wants me to believe they are the party of small government and lower taxes??