Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Will you let me live in freedom?

The Citypaper says yes, the government ought to "regulate" the mortgage industry.
Sean and, other bloggers very probably, agree.

Question to them and anyone else caring to consider the issue, are you willing to let me live in freedom?

More specifically, would you approve of a provision in the mortgage regulation law that will allow citizens to sign a statement opting out, i.e., a form that says the citizen agrees to accept all the consequences of dealing with unlicensed mortgage lenders. This opt out form will make it clear the signer agrees not to sue the government or regulatory agencies and can not accept any government money if there are problems with the mortgage. And of course the law must allow mortgage lenders to opt out but they may only deal with customers who also sign an opt out statement.

Would you allow me to live in freedom?