Monday, November 26, 2007

6,000 apply for 300 Walmart jobs in Cleveland

Don't these people know that Walmart is a corporate pirate bent on exploiting both employees and customers? We need a law making it illegal to work for or buy from Walmart!! Yeah, thats the ticket!!


As the world's largest private employer, Wal-Mart is used to being greeted by large numbers of applicants almost every time it opens a new store.

But the 6,000-plus people who applied for jobs at the new Supercenter in Cleveland's Steelyard Commons took everyone, even Wal-Mart, by surprise.

"We had to recount [the applications] three times," said Mia Masten, Wal-Mart's director of corporate affairs, Midwest division.


Those 6,000 people were competing for some 300 positions. That means for every one person hired, 19 people walked away empty-handed.