Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Brilliant Op/ed by Jonah Goldberg-Govt as extortionist

The overriding and singular characteristic of government is force and coercion. There is NOTHING benevolent about government. When you see government as a way to cut you in for a "share of the loot" you are no better and probably much worse than a common thief.


Meanwhile, Democrats keep telling the bottom 95% of taxpayers that all of America's problems will be solved if only the rich people would pay "their fair share" of income taxes. Not only is this patently untrue and a siren song toward a welfare state, it amounts to covetousness as fiscal policy.

I don't know what the best tax rates are, for rich or poor.

But I'm pretty sure that it's unhealthy for a democracy when the majority of citizens don't see government as a service they're reluctantly paying for but as an extortionist that cuts them in for a share of the loot.