Friday, November 09, 2007

County Mayor Ramsey is just plain WRONG

Like too many public officials Hamilton County (Chattanooga) Mayor Claude Ramsey values his convenience more than open government.

Mr. Ramsey said he believed members of legislative bodies often meet by accident, and he explained instances in which he said the law has been an obstruction.

"It'd make it easier to do business," he said of the possible changes. "I don't think it hides anything. If people want to hide something, (the law) won't change it."

So, we should not have laws against bribery and corruption? What poppycock. This law has served us just fine for 30 years. If Mayor Ramsey is not willing to accept the burden of conducting public business in public he should not have run for office.

Mike Killian is even worse:

South Pittsburg, Tenn., Mayor Mike Killian said he would prefer to see the law change.

"I think it's a little restrictive," he said.

It is supposed to be restrictive!! Protecting the public's right to know is a worth a few restrictions. Its not about their convenience.