Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Holiday Shopping Trends

from Gearlog, a shopping search engine that compares product prices from thousands of online retailers, released its list of 2007 Holiday Shopping Trends. So what's everyone searching the Web for this holiday? Here's the list and my opinions of each product search:

1. Canon PowerShot SD1000 - This doesn't surprise me. This model is a PCMag Editors' Choice, with a rating of 4.5 out of 5. A handful of our staff already bought or plans to buy this camera (including me).
2. Xbox 360 - It's cheaper than PS3 and is the only console that offers Halo.
3. iPod touch - My teenage cousin hopes to get this for Christmas. It's definitely one of the most sought after MP3 players of the season.
4. LG Prada Cell Phone - Either people have a lot of money to spend this holiday for this high-priced, fashionable phone, or they just want to read about it and drool.
5. Transformers - The movie may have tanked, but kids still love anything Transformers-related.
6. Women's Handbags - I'm sure this is searched for on the Web all year round!
7. Men's Watches - With so many options these days, including LED and solar, watches are definitely hot this year.
8. Digital Picture Frame - Digital frames have been popular for the last year or so, but only recently have they come down in price. They're still pretty expensive for the extras such as Wi-Fi, and I have yet to review a photo frame that offers all the features that it should. Still, Pandigital and Kodak come the closest for me.
9. Coffee makers - Now that coffee makers do more than just make coffee ( they can forecast the weather!), it's a popular gift every year.