Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Husband wants Govt emails of cheating wife


Franklin Circuit Court Judge Phillip J. Shepherd ordered the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet to give Stephen Malmer e-mails written between his wife, Bobbie Malmer, and former state employee David Moss from Nov. 1, 2005, to June 1, 2006.

Stephen Malmer of Frankfort requested the e-mails in June 2006, saying they were public records covered by the Open Records Act.

Malmer said last night he wanted the e-mails because he suspected his wife was having an affair. Although his wife has since confessed to the affair, Stephen Malmer said, he still has questions and wants to see the case through for closure.

"It's been such a nightmare," Stephen Malmer said. "I was horrified by the amount of opposition I ran up against."

Malmer said his wife has been supportive in his fight for the e-mails. He said she no longer has access to the e-mails and can't provide them herself.