Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Jessica Fender polls pols about open meetings

and they say don't weaken open meetings laws, thats good news. brings us to the larger, more important point: If local officials are against these proposals, why do the lobbyists and staff at the taxpayer funded associations like TML, TN County Association, and County Mayors Association push so hard for changes that are not supported by the people they supposedly represent.

Part of the answer.....many times, if not most of the time, the staffs of these groups, over time, develop a detachment from the rank and file local officials and develop an agenda of their own. Much like the bureaucracies in government tend to have a set of priorities and interests separate from the legislative and executive branches, the staffs of these associations become autonomous and reflect the attitudes of the permanently employed administrative leadership rather than the members.

Hopefully the mayors that Jessica talked with will tell the staffs of their taxpayer funded associations to BACK OFF and stop trying to weaken these VERY IMPORTANT open meetings laws.