Wednesday, November 21, 2007

NY's Spitzer Mulls Tax Hike on the Rich


Support for a tax increase is coming from one of Mr. Spitzer's firmest backers, the Working Families Party, a grassroots operation financed by a coalition of labor unions and community groups. Mr. Spitzer, whom the party cross-endorsed, received 155,000 votes on its ballot line in the general election.

The party, which Mr. Spitzer has hailed as a "major force in state politics," is preparing to roll out a lobbying campaign to urge Mr. Spitzer and lawmakers to close the gap by drawing more revenue from wealthier residents rather than squeezing the budgets of Medicaid and public education.

The plan is likely to call for using a portion of the new revenue to pay for additional property tax cuts for middle-class residents, a shift party activists say would insulate the governor from criticism by allowing him to label the move as a tax shift.