Sunday, November 18, 2007

Republicans try to revive Limited Govt Label

House Republicans John Boehner, Roy Blunt, Adam Putnam, and Eric Cantor put together this glossy PDF to convince Republicans they are still concerned about limiting the size of Government. Actions and passion and hard work and VOTES will speak much louder than brochures.


For some time, Republicans have been criticized for losing their way on core, defining values of limited government and fiscal restraint. Public opinion polls reinforce this criticism – indicating that Republicans have lost their historical advantage on the issue of whom you trust to control wasteful spending and limit government.

While our record as a majority on these issues could have been better, Republicans were able to achieve some marked successes. A GOP Congress enacted legislation in 2005 to reduce mandatory spending by $40 billion, the first such bill in almost a decade – and also successfully froze non-security
discretionary spending. Over time, however, our efforts to rein in government failed to produce the results we and our supporters wanted to see.

This is in part a function of the fact that, as a whole, Republicans stopped making the case about the need to eliminate wasteful spending and reduce the size and reach of the federal government. We no longer spoke up about why limited government is important to the long-term well being of America. As a result, we left the impression that we were no longer committed to pursuing smaller government.