Friday, November 30, 2007

Taxpayers want to play the Extortion Game

The City of Bristol is giving way several millions of the taxpayer's money to three local business to "entice" them to expand . I thought making a profit was enough incentive for businesses to expand and they didn't have to extort more money from the taxpayers? It is, of course, but hey these business people are not long as our elected officials want to give away our money they are quite ready to accept it.

The real problem.....Politicians actually believe they can convince us that THEY are responsible for all things good and wonderful. They stand there at the grand opening photo/op and tell us how THEY created jobs.........NOPE, the only thing they did was to take money from us taxpayers and hand it over to these companies.

Its time for us ordinary taxpayers to get a piece of this extortion action
....I therefore repeat my proposal that some enterprising member of the General Assembly propose a law authorizing local governments to give tax abatements to anyone who builds a new home. THEN....anybody wanting to build a new home can shop their proposal around to several county mayors....get them to start bidding against each other and HEY, you may be able to build a new house tax free......let everyone in on this extortion game.