Thursday, November 01, 2007

Wash Cnty Wheel Tax Petition Signatures certified

Congrats to James Reeves in Washington County. The election commission has certified the petition signatures that he and his volunteers collected. The citizens of Washington County will now have the right to have their voice heard on whether they are willing and able to take the money out of their family budgets to pay this tax.


With 3,442 valid signatures in hand, Washington County Elections Administrator Connie Sinks said she had enough to certify a wheel tax referendum Wednesday, now it's up to county commissioners to implement one.

"We collected 39 more signatures than were required, just to be sure," said Sinks, who received 1,100 pages containing 7,000 signatures from petition organizer James Reeves two weeks ago.

"In all, we only had to look through 510 pages to get everything we needed. Every time we got to 50 pages, we'd set them aside and that's how we totaled the valid signatures and addresses.

"I'd say 66 percent of what we checked were valid."

Reeves' efforts were in response to a $50 wheel tax approved by the Washington County Commission in September and scheduled to go into effect July 1.

Sinks said she would certify the petition back to the County Commission, whose job it would be to call a referendum. Most feel the referendum will take place Feb. 5, the presidential primary — the outcome of which would be binding.