Friday, November 16, 2007

We don't need MORE govt control, we need LESS

Government solutions for Government problems which create more Government problems which call for more Government solutions etc etc etc. There seems to be a pattern here!!

While I ( and Martin Kennedy) applaud my Representative Mike Turner for his desire to return to neighborhood schools in Davidson County, I seriously doubt that simply passing a State law with a mandate for the local school board will fix anything. Mike will probably not like this analogy but President Bush's No Child Left Behind was a result of his (and Senator Kennedy at the time) effort to force a mandate on local schools. While NCLB has resulted in some amount of positive movement. It too does not address the REAL underlying problem:

Parents have far too little power.

The school board has power, the teachers' union has power, the Congress and the State legislature have power and all of these entities have seized power from the one group that should be in charge, THE PARENTS....and the result of taking power away from parents is a mediocre at best, bureaucratic laden, school system with which that NO one is happy.


The solution is less government power over education and more power in the hands of parents. Mike is a parent of Metro school students. HE should have the power to determine where his children attend...NOT Pedro Garcia or the School Board or Karl Dean or the TN Dept of Education or the TN General Assembly or President Bush or the US Congress. The parents should have the POWER.