Thursday, December 27, 2007

The 2007 award for Most Shameless Politician

drum roll

the envelope please..........the recipient of this year's award is Philadelphia Mayor (Easy) Street, who has now decided to retroactively "accept" $111,000 of "deferred" raises which he, himself, had earlier vetoed.

Link HT: Governing

Mayor Street, who vetoed City Council's pay-raise legislation in the midst of an election in 2003, will retroactively claim more than $111,000 in cost-of-living increases over the last four years, boosting his walk-away gross pay to more than $560,000.

Street rejected a raise in 2004, from $146,000 to $165,000, even after Council overrode him, but now he has decided to collect, retroactively, the money he had "deferred" until now.

"He deferred it and held back on it, and so this was not a reversal of any of his positions," said City Finance Director Vincent Jannetti, to whom Street referred questions.

The $111,000 is the difference between the $146,000 salary he has received for the last four years and the salary he would have received with cost-of-living increases approved by Council. His salary in 2007 would have been $186,000.