Sunday, December 30, 2007

Government licensing was NEVER about quality

Jessica Fender's article about home contractors failing test after test and yet continuing to work is prima facia evidence that State Government licensing is NOT about quality, it is about restricting competition. State licensing is NOT quality assurance for fixing hair or fixing plumbing.

Government licensing does NOT keep the bad guys out, it simply requires them to get a license.

Labor unions are one of the major supporters of licensing laws and for one simple reason: It is another tool they use to keep a monopoly on the supply of labor services. Many large companies support licensing laws for the same reason.

Government licensing raises prices, lowers quality and restricts the supply of services. But politicians just want to help us...don't they?

Licensing laws should be repealed but until then, at the very least, every citizen should be able to sign a waiver that allows them to opt out of licensing laws and use whomever they wish to use to perform a service.