Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ok, this is just freaky..editorializing for less spending?

A Tennessee newspaper actually editorializing for less spending? Has heck frozen over? The Murfreesboro Daily News Journal says the State of TN should "Cut spending instead of raiding reserve." Be still my heart.


One thing is certain. Tennessee doesn't need to dip into its reserves to bail out any projects. Five years ago, Bredesen entered office facing budget shortfalls that had threatened to destroy state government. Now, the state has $600 million in TennCare reserves and $750 million in the rainy day fund, some of which Bredesen wrangled out of the Legislature last session instead of using it to pay for his education initiatives.

That money shouldn't be touched unless it is absolutely necessary to avoid sending Tennessee into a crisis situation.

The state can always tighten its belt at times like this and delay one-time projects without destroying the delivery of vital services to Tennesseans.