Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Politicians with good intentions + Dolly's bro

What could possibly go wrong?

I am quite sure that some Roanoke Rapids politician thought this was just a grand idea and something government should definitely get involved in. The politicians felt that they were "responsible for the economic development of the area"...they tried to be Santa Claus and Mr Scrooge (after he stopped being mean to Bob Cratchit)...they were just trying to be, well, all he things that government should NOT be.


Parton said her brother's act at The Randy Parton Theater was "top of the line" even though city officials, who borrowed $21.5 million to build the facility, indefinitely banned him from performing. They also cut his salary and removed him from production duties amid slow ticket sales and questions about how he spent public money.

"I know in my heart that Randy gave it his best effort," Parton said in a written statement released by her public relations staff. "Unfortunately, now that things aren't working as well as everyone had hoped, everyone is pointing fingers and naturally no one wants to take the blame.

"It is not fair making Randy the scapegoat for a project where so much and so many were involved."