Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rich guys, get in line for handouts from Metro taxpayers

Bud Adams will have LOTS of company soon if our Mayor and Metro Council open a pandora's box by giving away our tax money to Bellevue Mall developers. If this deal is approved we will have to beat the rich guys off with a stick. They will be lined up around the block to get a piece of Metro taxpayers.

Ok, one more time, lets splain how this works:

1- Rich guys come to town and see a real estate investment opportunity.

2- BUT, they really don't want to pay property taxes (like any normal homeowner) so they whine and moan and groan and say, "we are poor little rich guys who need corporate welfare because we can't possibly pay your high property taxes."

3- So our elected representatives have a good cry with the rich guys and say, "you shouldn't have to pay for fire and police protection and education and all the other stuff that normal taxpayers pay for so we are going to make Metro homeowners pay for all that stuff and you can use the money, which you would have used to pay property taxes, to pay off your mortgage loan."

THIS IS INSANE. The Mayor and Metro Council represent US, the taxpayers of Metro, not a bunch of whiny rich guys.