Monday, December 31, 2007

Spring Hill: NO property tax but lots of fees


A water and sewer rate increase may also come following a Municipal Technical Advisory Service study of the city's rates, expected to be complete sometime in 2008.

Though new fee structures are looming, Leverette said he did not expect to have to reinstate a property tax in 2008.

The tax was reduced from 19 cents per hundred dollars of assessed value to zero in 2005 after several years of budget surpluses. Leverette said the reduction was a way of giving back to residents, in accordance with the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, which was passed by the city in 2005.

He said the board would exhaust several avenues of generating new revenue before resorting to reinstating the property tax.

"In talking to several aldermen, that's not an option we're considering," he said.