Friday, December 14, 2007

Taxpayers rise up!! and STOP this craziness

Our elected officials want us to think they THEY are responsible for economic development...what a crock!! STOP giving away our money OR start offering tax breaks to anybody that builds a new home. Building a new home is just as important as new commercial, whats good for the goose is good for the gander, lets allow the politicians to "take credit" for new home construction by giving every buyer of a new home the same tax break they give to big commercial developers.

Seriously, lets keep taxes low for EVERYONE and stop the pols from giving out tax favors. This is beyond ridiculous.


Knoxville developer Tim Graham, whose South Grove development reignited annexation acrimony between the city of Knoxville and Knox County a year ago, will ask the County Commission on Monday to take the first step toward approving $6 million in tax subsidies for a $45 million retail project in Halls.

The public money, in the form of tax increment financing, would go toward infrastructure improvements - including roads, traffic lights and a greenway - in and around Graham's proposed Willow Creek shopping center on Maynardville Highway.

Graham wants commissioners to order up a review of his proposal by the Industrial Development Board.

The IDB's staff already is asking hard questions about the project, but Graham has the support of Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale and Halls' two commissioners - Chairman Scott Moore and R. Larry Smith. Graham contributed to all three officials' 2006 campaigns.