Friday, December 28, 2007

They just want the best for us..hold on to your wallet

Please excuse me while I wipe the tear drops from my keyboard....they just want what is best for...US?

This unholy alliance of State and Local TN Government Highway Officials and the vendors that make money from them says they will NOT push for an increase in the gas tax...and they also have a very attractive bridge in Brooklyn for sale.

Here are the groups involved:

* Tennessee County Highway Officials

* Road Builders Association

* Municipal League

* Trucking Association

* Public Transportation Association

* Infrastructure Alliance


Concerns about money for Tennessee roads have led to an alliance among six prominent state lobbying groups seeking public support for revamping transportation funding.

J. Rodney Carmical, executive director of Tennessee County Highway Officials, said a steering committee formed six months ago for the Tennessee Transportation Coalition.

He said the spark came when members from the highway officials group and the Tennessee Road Builders Association attended joint meetings of the House and Senate transportation committees.

The groups realized the public was not getting all the information concerning the plight of Tennessee's roads, he said.

"We're blessed with good roads," Mr. Carmical said. "We're blessed with good bridges. We don't want to lose that."