Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"This earmarking thing is crooked"

Yes it is but that does not matter to Congress. The article below details yet another of the many cases where a contribution to a Congressional candidate was precisely the same as a bribe. Earmarks are, in many cases, payoffs for these contributions. THIS IS CORRUPTION, plain and simple....no less a crime than any of those committed in the Tennessee Waltz investigation.

How else can we say it over and over and over again, OUR CONGRESS, which makes laws every day that profoundly affect our lives, is corrupt and rotten to the core.


But Hoschek was stunned to learn recently that another company, InSport International, snagged the T-shirt contracts without having to compete.

InSport had lobbied members of Congress for an "earmark" — federal dollars lawmakers direct to favor seekers, often campaign donors.

Company executives also donated nearly $9,000 to the re-election effort of Rep. David Wu, D-Ore., who sponsored three earmarks for InSport.

The lobbying worked, despite a flaw with InSport's synthetic T-shirt. It melts to the skin under intense heat, causing serious burns. As a result, Marines are forbidden from wearing the shirts in combat.

"This earmarking thing is crooked," Hoschek said.