Tuesday, December 18, 2007

YOU choose how much tax to pay in Sullivan Cnty

Seems reasonable after Sullivan County Commissioners adopted a "subjective" ethics policy on gifts. If you want to give a Commissioner a gift, the Commissioner gets to decide if it is too big or too small. Yes, dear taxpayers you read that correctly.

Using that logic it is quite appropriate to allow taxpayers to decide if their taxes are too high or too low.



County commissioners, including several who helped draft the proposed amendments, said they think an official or employee can judge whether or not a gift giver expects something in return.

As long as a gift doesn't influence their actions or behavior, it shouldn't be a conflict, they said.

One commissioner offered the following description of the new policy's approach to gifts, and no one said he was wrong: "An individual still makes the decision based on their own standards."

Street said the policy would be hard to enforce with such a subjective measure.

"You could have someone receive a $10,000 car and stand right in front of you and say it didn't influence them," Street said.

The commission, largely, voted in favor of the amended ethics policy. Only Commissioner John McKamey voted "no," while Commissioners Clyde Groseclose and Wayne McConnell passed on the vote.