Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Disturbing Report from Blount Cnty - Sheriff's threats?

Citizens for Better Government in Blount County have previously reported on 27 missing cars in the Sheriff's Department.

They are now reporting serious allegations of harassment of citizens by the Sheriff's Department:
The latest example occurred at the January Commission meeting. Ron McTigue, 77 years old, found himself being waved out of the Commission room into the hall by Sheriff James Berrong. The Sheriff told McTigue that if he continued to ask questions about what happened to the 28 Sheriff’s vehicles missing from the recent inventory, that he would sue McTigue. Mr. McTigue, is seriously ill, partly from the lifelong effects of serious wounds suffered while a Marine fighting in Korea. The cost of drugs for he and his wife leave very little extra money. He was shaken by the Sheriff’s threat, particularly because, just a few months ago, in a similar encounter, the Sheriff ordered McTigue “to be in my office tomorrow at 10am”. McTigue declined the Sheriff’s order. Strangely, a black unmarked car followed McTigue home from the Commission meeting and parked in front of his house. But he is not about to knuckle under to the Sheriff’s threats. Mr. McTigue says:”I did not get shot up in Korea only to be intimidated by a Sheriff who refuses to answer a simple taxpayer question.”