Saturday, January 19, 2008

I have ‘Oppositional Defiant Disorder’

As health care becomes more and more governmentized, the road to riches is as simple as hiring a lobbyist. Simply choose a behavior and get it written into some health care bill and voila, you are a taxpayer funded therapist. The real problem is a behavior we call Government Corruption.


Shyness is now 'social phobia', and dissent is 'Oppositional Defiant Disorder'. How did everyday emotions come to be seen as illnesses?


Some claim that up to 50 per cent of the population will suffer from mental illness some time in their lives. A 2001 report titled Mental Health: New Understanding, New Hope, published by the World Health Organisation (WHO), claims that today between 10 and 20 per cent of young people suffer from mental health or behavioural disorders. Hans Troedsson, WHO director for child and adolescent health, has expressed grave concern about the mental health status of the world's young. 'It is a time-bomb that is ticking and without the right action now millions of our children growing up will feel the effects', he warned. In the WHO report, it is claimed that mental disorders can be diagnosed 'as reliably and accurately as most of the common physical disorders'.

Also, many more children and young people are on anti-depressants and other forms of medication today, particularly in the USA but also in Britain and other parts of Europe. Figures published by the UK Department for Children, Schools and Families in July 2007 show a huge year-on-year increase over the past decade in drugs prescribed by British General Practitioners for behavioural and mental disorders in children and young people.