Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Libation, Urination allowed at State Golf Courses


Delisa Simpson-Schubert made national news last spring when she videotaped golfers urinating near the 18th tee on Tennessee Centennial Golf Course in Oak Ridge.

Simpson-Schubert said that she then reported the incidents to police, city officials and the district attorney's office - all to no avail. She also asked the city to enforce an earlier state attorney general's opinion on the legality of beer sales on golf courses, said Tammy Dunn, the city's senior staff attorney.

"She had been telling us she thought beer couldn't be sold on the course based on a previous attorney general's opinion," Dunn said Monday.

That earlier opinion only pertained to beer licenses issued for a golf course restaurant or clubhouse - known in golf circles as the 19th hole - and stated that brew sales are limited to those areas, Dunn said.

The new attorney general's opinion, issued Friday, tackles the issue of on-premises beer licenses for entire golf courses.

"If the local government has issued an on-premises permit to the golf course, then by definition consumption would be permitted on the course," the latest opinion states.