Sunday, January 27, 2008

Nashville Convention Center Snowball is rolling

Today's series of articles on the proposed convention Center, in the Tennessean, offer little more than cheerleading and "aint this gonna be wonderful"ness.

Councilman Jerry Maynard's timid "Not so fast" article should have been titled "almost full speed ahead." Our Metro Council is a toothless lapdog regarding these kinds of projects. Of all those involved, THEY should be asking the hard questions and approaching this with skepticism. Not one number should go unchallenged but unfortunately NONE of the pro forma fairy tales will be questioned.

Ron Samuels says the project will expand the tax base but offers not one hard number prediction so we can come back in five years and compare reality to what he told us reality would be.

Lets be honest. This project is a huge subsidy for downtown hotels and restaurants. They will profit from this project and taxpayers will NOT. The overwhelming majority of the 600,000 plus residents of Davidson County will never darken the door or receive any benefits, period.

Craig Leipold has not sent out any checks to taxpayers after he bagged $195 million for the Predators. We can expect the same return on "our" convention center investment.